6th GIMAC: Transforming Education for Gender Equity and Sustainability

The upcoming 6th GIMAC Strategic Engagement meeting, aligned with the African Union’s Theme of the Year 2024, “Educational Transformation for Gender Equity and Sustainability: Follow-up Actions to Move towards the Achievement of Agenda 2063,” is poised to convene key stakeholders in a pivotal discussion to advance educational transformation across Africa. Set to take place in Accra, Ghana, from July 13th to 15th, 2024, this crucial engagement will focus on fostering collaboration, developing strategic approaches, advocating for policy reforms, and establishing monitoring mechanisms to track progress. The meeting underscores the critical role of inclusive education in achieving sustainable development and gender equity on the continent.

The African Union’s Agenda 2063, along with the Continental Education Strategy for Africa 2016-2025 (CESA 16-25), underscores the necessity of transforming education systems to support inclusive and sustainable growth. Despite notable progress in primary education completion rates, significant challenges remain, especially in achieving gender equality.

Building on the momentum of previous engagements, this meeting aims to address persistent gender disparities in education and ensure that all children, particularly those from marginalized communities, have access to quality education. The upcoming strategic engagement will tackle these challenges by focusing on increased funding for education, ensuring universal free education, investing in digital education, and implementing gender-responsive education policies.

A diverse group of participants, including representatives from AU bodies, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), civil society organizations (CSOs), UN agencies, development partners, private sector, academia, media, and other stakeholders committed to promoting inclusive education, will gather for this meeting.

The 6th GIMAC Strategic Engagement aims to produce actionable recommendations for mainstreaming gender in education, strengthen networks for advocating gender-responsive education policies. Additionally, it will enhance dialogue and partnerships among GIMAC members and other stakeholders.

This collective effort will contribute significantly towards the achievement of Agenda 2063 and the realization of a more equitable and prosperous educational landscape in Africa.


For further information, please contact:

Elisah Mbiza| GIMAC Network Secretariat | E-mail: partnership@genderismyagenda.org | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

For media inquiries.  

Mylande Edoun Odjo | Information and Communication | GIMAC Network Secretariat | E-mail: gimaccommunications@gmail.com | Accra, Ghana

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