Art, 3: Child soldiers and abuse of the girl child
Under this Article, Member States have committed to “Launching, within the next one year, a campaign for systematic prohibition of the recruitment of child soldiers and abuse of girl children as wives and sex slaves in violation of their Rights as enshrined in the African Charter on the Rights of the Child.”

Art 4: Violence Against Women 3
Under Article 4, Member States have committed to “Initiating, launching and engaging within two years sustained public campaigns against gender-based violence as well as the problem of trafficking in women and girls; Reinforce legal mechanisms that will protect women at the national level and end impunity of crimes committed against women in a manner that will change and positively alter the attitude and behavior of the African society.

Article 9: Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa
Under Article 9, Member States have committed to “Undertaking to Sign and ratify the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa by the end of 2004 and to support the launching of public campaigns aimed at ensuring its entry into force by 2005 and usher in an era of domesticating and implementing the Protocol as well as other national, regional and international instruments on gender equality by all States Parties.”

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SDGEA Articles 3,4 and 9